You don’t even need to speak Haitian Kreyul!

If you think God might be leading you to help with translation into Kreyul, we have several ways you can help from your own worksite. No travel required!

  1. Do you speak and write Kreyul? Let us send you the texts, and you do the work. Your investment: time. Your reward: Our gratitude. Your impact? Potentially eternal.
  2. Don’t know Kreyul; but want to be involved? You can underwrite specific projects to move materials from English into Haitian Kreyul. We’ll pick texts and translator, and they’ll do the work. Your investment: Funds. The reward: Hand translations of important documents and the translator gets a fee. Your impact? Potentially eternal.
  3. Don’t know Kreyul but want to “touch” the language and the people? We will provide you with texts and teach you the process to do first drafts in Kreyul using Google Translate. Your investment: Time to learn, time to work. The reward: Solid mechanical translations of important documents. Your impact? Potentially eternal.

How does this work? Please contact our administrator.