“Yes, we will have class (at the One Door Bible College) on Thursday. Our students will come.” (via WhataApp text message.) 

When I asked him if conditions on La Gonave were calm enough for that, he replied “Here, now, it is just like there is no hope for Haiti.”


And this from a man whose optimism never fails.

He continues, “Now the gangs are trying to leave the mainland to get to our island.”

I asked, What is your hope?

“My hope is taking the Christian out among the politicians.”

What about the gangs?

“In Haiti now, gangs are the politicians.”

He wants to take the Christian message, the Gospel, out to the gangs.

“If you look on youtube you will see the chief of police is working for the gangs. The Haitian human rights officer defends the gangs – but not the women. Ladies, men and girls are kidnapped. You can see also the High Riches People [like] business men and politicians feed the gangs with money and guns to hold their power.


“According to the human rights officer, all that the gangs are doing is legal but anything done to stop the gangs is illegal.

“Even some pastors on the mainland try to cooperate with the gangs.”

I admit to him that I do not know what to say except to speak prayer to God and  to speak Gospel hope to my friend.

“Yes” he writes, “to deal with Haitian troubles, you should be a strong Christian.” He finishes with this word of wisdom: “Haiti is living in another reality, different from the rest of the World.”

And so, friends of Haiti and OneDoor, we call to you join us.  All we can do is pray:

– for the Gospel of Peace to penetrate the island’s leaders and the gangs

– for that to stop the kidnappings, rapes and murders with which the gangs are holding the country in terror

– for the men attending OneDoor Bible College classes to remain in the grip of Grace, praying to and praising the One True God who alone is our peace and hope.

– for God to demonstrate His love and compassion for the people of Haiti.