Fortitude!  That is a virtue we can celebrate these days. The first class of pastor-students graduated in Sept of 2019. We planned to have a graduation ceremony in January 2020 – but troubles on the island kept our team from making the journey. Then COVID hit and we could not travel. Now, violence is so intense on the island that only a few brave souls will make the trip. 

Well, in consequence of the troubles, we had to cancel graduation. Right now we have their diplomas in our hands, but we want to get them to their hands. They graduated 18 months ago and have yet to see their diplomas.  

Recently, we learned that a ministry group based in Arkansas and Missouri is sending a team to La Gonave on April 7th. One of the travelers has agreed to carry an envelope containing the diplomas to La Gonave. There, Pastor Agones will find the team and pick up the diplomas.


Oh, this is exciting, Pray God will effect all the steps needed for delivery.

– Protect the envelope of diplomas as it travels by USPS to Yazoo City, Missouri. Right now, it is late.

– Keep the travelers safe as they travel to and pass through Port au Prince, and as they fly a small plane to Lagonave.

– May the graduates rejoice that finally, FINALLY, they have received their diplomas.

– May we find a safe and secure way to get their graduation reward to them. (We already gave them their French-language copy of MacArthur’s study Bible. Now we want to deliver to them 10-inch tablets pre-loaded with videos and text files.





 *TGBTG = To God Be The Glory