You are invited to celebrate with us!

Many people on the island of La Gonave in the Bay of Port au Prince, Haiti, rejoiced on September Seventh. After five years of challenging studies, all 18 members of the first class of One Door Seminary were graduated and were awarded the degree of Associate of Pastoral Theology!

Here are the 18 pastors having choir practice before Graduation.

When we started the class in 2014, most of the men could barely read. Most only knew a little something about what might be described as “some words from a high god”. A lot of their learning was wrong. Now, after months of reading, studying and learning the Bible, they can tell others about the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. They can read the good news from the Bib La, the Holy Bible in Haitian Creole. They have good knowledge of a range of topics, ranging from mercy ministries to teaching foundational topics like the Apostle’s Creed and on to how we can live by grace.

Please join us in congratulating these men! They have worked hard for their degrees.

And thank God for giving them and their families willingness, strength and courage to sacrifice so much as the men pursued knowledge that will help them minister to the needs of their community.

We praise God with you for them and their success.


Rev. Steve Jameson, MDiv, Dean of Faculty and Lead Professor
Rev. Agones Jean Jacques, BDiv, Dean of Students and Translator