LA GONAVE CONTINUES to experience a season of Grace. Good things are happening through the OneDoor seminary and with our new “La Gonave Ministries Alliance”. In 2016, OneDoor and three other ministries joined forces to assist Pastor Ago. We each have our own Boards, but now each organization can focus on its area of expertise in a team setting. This allows the ministry to be “fully-orbed” – word and deed working in concert to preach the grace of Jesus Christ.

OneDoor has the core responsibilities of teaching Grace in our seminary and, through our students, to congregations and community leaders. We also are “point” for church planting in rural La Gonave. Dr. Frankie Jefferies heads up the K-12 education ministry, working with students and school teachers. She also works with women’s groups. Terry and Jen Hand founded Youth4Orphans; they work with youth and operate an orphanage in the village. Rory MacNish coordinates efforts from Mattituck Presbyterian Church on Long Island; they focus on the physical plant and water systems.

OneDoor is seeing amazing things in Church Growth and Church Planting, as well as mercy ministries. The exciting days of evangelism and mercy ministries on La Gonave continue, by God’s grace! All our pastor students report congregational growth, and several church plants have been initiated.

Our seminary students remain steadfast. They attend class every Friday for six hours, most preach on Sundays, and all spend time each week discussing their lessons. We are moving together toward graduation later this year when the men will receive Associate Degrees in Pastoral Studies. Then, we will be able to receive recognition as an “official seminary” by the Haitian government.

OneDoor thanks Dr. Frankie for putting together the first Alliance brochure. This one gives a good overview of the Alliance, with emphasis on the K-12 education portion of the work, which is her area of interest.

ODM-LaGonave Alliance Brochure 2019 v3 page 1