A missionary friend sent this prayer letter today:

Friends, things are not good here in Haiti. The political and economic crisis has kept us on a “shelter in place” notice for the past 7 days. Our city, and cities throughout the country, are barricading roads with boulders and fire in tires.

People are scared to leave their homes. Most businesses are remaining closed and transportation has been at a minimum even to pass through inside roads. Emotions and anxieties are high, and we do not see the end in sight yet.

The US embassy notified those living here that they (the embassy) began evacuations yesterday for their nonessential personnel and family members stationed in Haiti, as did the EU. Canada has moved Haiti to a threat level 4 which is often reserved for countries in a civil war.

People across Haiti do not have access to medical care and necessities they need like food and water.

We cannot choose the side of government corruption or the side of violent protestors looting businesses.

We are crying out to God to come to Haiti’s rescue. Many across Haiti are doing the same thing. May our voices join together in one deafening, glorifying sound that causes evil to flee.

Will you take 5-10 minutes today to join all of us in this cry? I can personally admit that I am scared, but my hope and trust is in the Lord. My mind is choosing to focus on His Goodness overflowing on Haiti. 

(LIKEWISE, we in OneDoor know that our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’s blood and righteousness. He is the solid rock on which we all must stand.)