Haiti needs your voice to make Americans aware of the desperation and chaos on Haiti’s horizon.

American media is ignoring the looming humanitarian crisis, one of massive proportions, on the island of Haiti and on La Gonave, a small island some 20 miles offshore in the bay.

Graft and greed have pushed the nation over the edge. Now despair and depression, hopelessness and hunger, depression and destruction blanket the land.

Out of petrol and cooking oil, people are burning down gas stations in anger, confident that the oil distributors are hiding their reserves.

There are no jobs and few schools teaching real job skills. The nation is in turmoil. People are dying in riots and demonstrations.

The US Embassy is evacuating non-essential personnel and has been stoned by demonstrators. These times demand some realistic intervention and aid.

Meanwhile, our US media – liberal and conservative – ignore this news.

The even bigger issue, however, is what lies ahead: A nation collapsing into anarchy when the already-scarce food supplies are depleted, and people in total chaos having to fight over limited resources for their families.

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