Terry responds to the email from Bob and Marcia, reproduced below.

Hey Everyone, As I have been searching for as much information as possible, I got this email a few minutes ago.  This is the most telling of all that I have found.  For those of you who don’t know them, Bob and Marcia are missionaries at the Wesleyan Compound on La Gonave . I’m afraid that there will probably be no way we can go on our upcoming trips.  Even once a solution is found, the damage being done around the country will take time to repair.  I’m not canceling our spring break trips yet but it appears that will most likely happen soon. Please pray for the people of Haiti.  God Bless,Terry

Bob and Marcia wrote …

Hello dear friends and family.  Many of you have heard of the unrest that has been prevalent in much of Haiti in recent weeks.  We are far removed from the turmoil out here on the island, but we do feel repercussions.  The public ferry hasn’t been running for several days, so food in the market is getting more scarce and more expensive, which hurts the local people far more than it hurts us.  Trucks that carry fuel around the country can’t get through the numerous roadblocks, so La Gonave’s supply of diesel for generators and propane for cooking is getting low.  In order for us to conserve resources for essential personnel and services, today we sent a medical team home early and tomorrow we plan to send off (several weeks early) the 16 members of the Indiana Wesleyan University nursing school team who are doing their semester abroad here.Again, we do not feel we are in danger and do not intend to leave unless the situation becomes prolonged or more severe (we are making plans for that as well).  But mostly we are sad.  Sad for this country and it’s people.  Please pray that the chaos and crime would be stopped and that God would act through people to bring peace.  We have hope that the Church here, like everywhere, can show what it means to follow Jesus, “to do justice, love mercy and to walk humbly with our God.”We will let you know if things change further for us.  Bob and Marcia