Be Engaged: One Door Ministries is reaching and teaching the Good News!

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Be involved. Engaged. God leads us to reach the people of La Gonave, Haiti. Then the Gospel changes their lives. Anyone can get better! We hope to teach many. Together we share the joy of Christ and teach life skills to a potential audience of 150,000. ODM in ministry.







stack of basic training books OR man and books

Grace filled Bible School

Focused on the Gospel
Book it! Our study center classes flow in two streams. First, life skills for the community. Like leadership development. Reading skills. Sewing. Bead making. Life. Monthly. Second, congregational leadership like The Bible. Easter. Grace. Outreach. The Gospel. Five years to graduate.

Reaching mountain folk

Trailblazing Outreach

Get it out. More than Church planting. But yes, church planting. Not brick and mortar. We do bamboo and tarp, benches and tin sheet roofing. Using available resources and limited funding from off the island. But always the Gospel. Only the resurrection. All by grace. And local pastors go out to the new sites. One even went to the Creole community in Chile.

Mercy Ministries

doing WITH others

Join the Awesome: Community farming. Moringa trees. Chickens. Hurricane recovery. Water desalinization. Sending teams from La Gonave to help on the big island. Reproducible lessons for local settings. Helping our students become relief workers. Creating employment opportunities.

Teamed for Relief

Get Connected

Team up! We teamed up with other Christian ministries to form the LaGonave Ministry Alliance. LMA. Together we provide: A 15-bed orphanage. K-12 day school. Hot lunches for the “kiddos”. Chaplains from the OneDoor Seminary. Teacher training. Mostly for women: Sewing skills. Bead making skills. Mostly for men: Speargun fishing. Carpentry.

Mission work is joy work. Grace and peace work. We train people to train others. In the Name of Jesus.

Steve Jameson, Rev., Exec Dir.

Our awesome ministry partners include:

Midland Reformed Church

(link; Midland MI; sponsor and sending church)

Sardis Presbyterian Church

(link; Sardis MS; sponsor and host church)

Christ Presbyterian Church

(link; Oxford MS; sponsor)

St. James Evangelical Church

(link; Stony Hill MO; sponsor)

Grace and Peace Fellowship

(link; Saint Louis MO; sponsor)

Covenant Presbytery

(link; NW Mississippi, sponsor and oversight)

Family of Jesus Church

(Baitoti, La Gonave, Haiti; worship and outreach)

One Door Bible College and Seminary

(Baitoti, La Gonave, Haiti; training)

La Gonave Ministry Alliance

(virtual; ministries coordination)

Youth For Orphans

(link; Naples FL; Baitoti orphanage)

Frankie’s Friends

(Orlando FL; day school and women’s ministries)

Mattatuck Presbyterian Church

(link; Long Island NY; physical plant)

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